The guiding influences at Kodokan are:Masatake Sumi sensei-Hanshi,Hachidan (8-dan), Emeritus Professor of Physical Education, Fukuoka University of Education, Kyushu, Japan. One of the most widely respected andexperienced Kendo Masters, renowned not only in Japan but worldwide. He annually leads the famous “Kodokan Kendo Seminar” (aka SSS – Sumi Sensei Seminar).

Highly acclaimed sensei also associated with Kodokan:

Isao Uegaki-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

Junichi Tashiro-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

Fumio Mori-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

Susumu Nagao-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

Hiroshi Ozawa-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

Yukuo Iwao-Kyoshi,Hachidan (8-dan).

The late Torao Ono-Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan).

The late Masayoshi Imasto -Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan).

Morio Kumamoto -Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan).

Shoji Enomoto -Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan).

Setsuko Kobayashi-Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan) – A Pioneer of Ladies Kendo in Japan.

Hiromi Fujita-Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan) – Japanese Ladies Team Coach at the 13WKC in Taipei.

Sotaro Honda-Kyoshi,Nanadan (7-dan) – Former Chief National Kendo Coach for the British Kendo Association from 2003 to 2007




Paul is the Kancho of Kodokan and is qualified in Coaching Studies from the University of Gloucester, registered as a NAKMAS senior Instructor, a BKA National Coach and a Kendo coach to the Army & Combined Paul Budden Services Martial Arts Associations, Former Technical Director of the Maltese Kendo Federation and a highly respected International Kendo teacher & referee. The only original student of the late Terry Holt sensei-Kyoshi, Nanadan (7.dan) Founder of Mumeishi Kendo Club, to achieve 7-dan.

He is also the well renowned author of several publications to date including: Looking at a Far Mountain: A Study of Kendo Kata ,  Devil’s Gloves and the One Cut – An introduction to Ono-ha Itto ryu Kata, Three Ages of British Kendo – Biographical Portraits Volume IX for the Japan Society,  A Truly British Samurai – the Exceptional Charles Boxer (1904-2000), The Oshu Kendo Renmei: A History of British and European Kendo, A Man of Many Parts. Portrait of an Inimitable Swordsman – Ronald Alexander Lidstone, The Legacy of the Budokwai – A British Kendo History and Paper Butterflies – Unravelling the Mystery of Tannaker Buhicrosan. He was a member of the British team that won Bronze in 1987 at the European Kendo Championships in Malmo and has visited  Japan on numerous occasions for study, practice & to Referee. Former Championship Co-ordinator ( Official Speaker) for the European Kendo Federation he was was Co Organising Director at the  ‘Acclaimed’ 12th World Kendo Championships in Glasgow 2003 for the British Kendo Association. Paul has also worked on many PR & media projects including: LEGO® Star Wars™, Channel 4’s ‘the Games’ and for Nintendo in their Wii promotions. Most recently, he has worked for the ‘Disney Channel’ on a Star Wars Rebels Trailer as a Fight Director.




Jumpei Matsumo to Chief National Kendo Coach for the British Kendo Association from 2007 to 2009, having first visited the UK in 1986. A most outstanding Kendo teacher with some 50 years of experience – ‘The perfect picture, how you wish your own Kendo could be’..




Kazuyo is a registered NAKMAS Senior Instructor, a British Kendo Association National Coach and former Great Britain National Ladies Team Coach, she is also an Internationally experienced Referee and former National Team Coach to the Maltese Kendo Federation.

The first 7-dan graded female kendoka in the UK.

The epitome of the Kodokan kamon – ‘Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee




Carl is a registered NAKMAS Instructor and a British Kendo Association level 1 registered coach.

Carl is also Club Secretary.

‘The Lone Ranger’ – everyone’s senpai so never alone

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Welfare Officer

Jason is registered with NAKMAS and the British Kendo Association. – ‘A duty of care for the Kodokan family makes for a caring community.’