Looking at a Far Mountain: A Study of Kendo Kata

By Paul Budden

Ward Lock a Cassel Imprint 1992

A complete exploration of the martial art kendo – Includes technical specifics such as form, positioning, and breathing – Offers detailed explanations of kata – Includes an extensive history of the kendo tradition and a lineage chart of the great kendo masters – Written by Paul Budden – a member of the award-winning team at the European Kendo Championships – Endorsed by the premier Japanese kendo body and suitable for kendo students of different levels – Author lives in Chesham, England ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Derived from the ancient Japanese warrior art of the sword and imbued with the principles of Zen Buddhism, kendo has now gained worldwide popularity for its appealing combination of sport and meditation. In Looking at a Far Mountain, kendo expert Paul Budden explains the essentials of the art.


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4 May 2024