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Kendo at Kodokan

With a legacy spanning over 300 years, kendo is not just a sport, but a cultural activity deeply rooted in the traditions of Japan.

At Kodokan, although we follow the old teachings of Japanese kendo, elements of which can often be seen in sword-fighting dramas and films. Sports lifestyles relevant to modern society’s needs have also been introduced. This is very much in line with how kendo has developed in Japan. 

About the training

The formal kendo exercises are kata using wooden swords in set forms, uninhibited fencing, wearing protective body armour (which are the target areas), and using shinai (bamboo foils) for both set exercises and free fencing. 

A valid strike in kendo must be made by a cutting action only; the shinai should not be used like a club or a stick, as this may hurt your opponent and is very much against the concept of kendo.

Kihon keiko ho, a different type of kata, is also taught and practised.


Kendo is a unique and safe activity open to all age groups. 

Our training methods ensure the safety of all participants, providing a secure environment for learning and growth.


We cater for Juniors from 7 to 17 years and adults from 18 years. 

Our Kodokan Instructors are skilled in kendo and insured to teach, hold DBS-Enhanced disclosures, and possess first aid qualifications. This ensures that our students receive the highest standard of instruction and care.

We offer both 5-week adult and junior induction courses designed to introduce participants to kendo in a structured and supportive way. 

These courses cover the basics and are a great way to start your kendo journey.


The ‘late’ Holt sensei with Budden sensei

Kodokan as a club was founded in 1980 by Paul Budden sensei Kyoshi Nanadan (7-dan), supported by the ‘late’ Terry Holt sensei. Budden sensei is registered as a NAKMAS Senior Instructor, a BKA National Coach and Former Technical Director of the Maltese Kendo Federation.

Dojo Leader Kazuyo Matsuda sensei-Kyoshi Nanadan (7-dan)

Dojo Leader is Kazuyo Matsuda sensei Kyoshi Nanadan (7-dan), a registered NAKMAS Senior Instructor and a BKA National Coach. Former coach to Great Britain National Ladies Team and the Maltese Kendo Federation. 

Kodokan Junior members in ‘Student Action Film’ with National Lottery funded Kodokan Kendo Club 2015